Technical Updates

Monograph Season Is Here – TRI Alliance Technical Update

Update by TRI President and Technical Director, Rick Olson For those that live in the code cycle world, we are now in what is referred to as the monograph lottery. Every code cycle the proposed changes to any recognized code come out in a combined document called a monography. As… Read more

Tile Roofing Technical Committee Update for March 2022

Progress on New Tile Roofing Installation Guides March has seen significant activity with our TRI Alliance technical initiatives. Just this week we held in-depth reviews review of our FRSA/TRI Florida High Wind Guide in Florida with our partner FRSA. Concurrently we held our TRI main guide review (for everywhere outside… Read more

Code and Legislative Issues Affecting Our Roofing Contractors

Code Initiatives & Tile Roofing Contractors February 2022 Technical Committee Update The TRI Alliance Technical Committee is working with our partnering organizations to address upcoming code cycle initiatives. Florida Code Modifications – The TRI Alliance technical team is working with our partner FRSA and our members to address potential revisions… Read more

TRI Alliance Installation Guides Under Revision

Tile Roofing Installation Guides February 2022 Technical Committee Update Our TRI Alliance industry installation guides are currently being revised for the inclusion of the new ASCE-7 wind language that will reduce uplift pressures and reduce the number of roof zones back to 3, from the current 6. This will be… Read more
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