Online renewal is only available for certifications that are about to expire or have expired within the past 2 years*. If your certification has lapsed for more than 2 years, you must attend an on-site TRI Alliance Installation Manual Certification class and re-take the 50-question test.

If you are unsure of your status please contact us before you register for the on-line renewal. Contact Lisa Jensen by email or phone 425-269-3201 with any questions.
*Note: Your new expiration date will be 2 years from your previous expiration date whether you renew early or late. In other words, if your certification expired 06/05/2019 and you renew today, your new expiration date will be 6/30/2021.
To Renew Online


  1. Go to and create an account using your email address.
  2. Click on the Catalog tab
    • If you were certified in any state except Florida – add the TRI Alliance Installation Manual Certification Renewal (green background) course to your cart and purchase the course
    • If you were certified in Florida (TRI Alliance Florida High Wind Certification) – add the TRI Alliance Florida High Wind Manual Certification Renewal (blue background) course to your cart and purchase the course
  3. Review the online course
  4. Complete the online exam (15 questions)
  5. Download your Certificate after you pass the test. The cost to renew is $99. Once you’ve completed the online course and exam, TRI Alliance will send you an updated certification card. Please contact Lisa Jensen at 425-269-3201 or email with any questions.

Details about your renewal

Renew your TRI Alliance Certification to continue receiving the benefits of the program. Benefits include being listed on the TRI Alliance website in the Find a Contractor search. TRI Alliance’s certification designations are valid for two years. Your name will be removed from the listing when your certification expires. You can choose to renew your certification on-line or attend the first 2 hours of a scheduled training classes. After passing a 15-question test, your certification will be extended 2 years past your previous expiration date.

Note: If your certification has expired you must stop using the TRI Alliance logos in your marketing materials. See note below for rules of use.

To Renew In Person

This option will depend on space available in upcoming training classes. 

Use of the TRI Alliance Certification Logos

We encourage you to use the TRI Alliance Certification logo in your marketing materials as long as your certification is current.

  • tri manual certification badge
  • tri florida certification badge

Guidelines for use

  • Your Certification expires 2 years from the date of your original class.
  • If you are not listed in the contractor search, your certification has expired.
  • If eligible you may renew online or in person by passing a 15-question test that includes questions related to manual changes, code updates and general installation requirements.
  • By participating in TRI Alliance training you agree to stop using TRI AllianceCertification logos and any reference to TRI Alliance Certification in your marketing materials when your Certification expires.
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