TRI Alliance’s certification training programs are designed to train roofers and roofing professionals in code-approved installation methods. Codes are often updated, especially in hurricane-prone and fire-prone regions, and TRI Alliance provides the latest information on rapidly changing standards and upgrades to installation techniques.

Our training and certification programs bring critical information and value to all members of the tile roofing industry. Whether you’re a seasoned roofer, inspector, foreman or business owner, you’ll benefit from the knowledge gained in these courses.
More than 30,000 homeowners have searched TRI Alliance’s website for trained tile roofers. We serve as a valuable resource connecting trained, certified professionals with home and building owners across the country – and we actively market those professionals throughout the year.
Top 12 Reasons to Be Certified by TRI Alliance

1. Learn how to meet and exceed industry guidelines.
2. Find out how to reduce or eliminate costly callbacks.
3. Be promoted in TRI Alliance’s literature, website and videos.
4. Be promoted by TRI Alliance manufacturer members.
5. Meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated and demanding consumers, who require tile roofing installers to have trade certification.
6. Get more projects from design professionals who specify TRI Alliance-certified installation.
7. Learn how to increase your bottom line through greater efficiency.

8. Have the support of industry-based recommendations in the event of a dispute.
9. Adherence to TRI Alliance guidelines means you have the weight of industry-based recommendations on your side in the event of a dispute.
10. Demonstrate to your customers that you’re installing tile roofing systems consistent with industry guidelines to support your pricing and explain the value of proposed upgrades.
11. Connect with other installers and teaching experts to discuss field experiences and how to apply best practices.
12. Stand out from other installers who can’t document specific training or experience in tile roof installation.

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