TRI Short Courses

Nov. 23, 2020 – FREE TRI Short Course – Analyzing Wood Frame Roofs

Discuss the structural issues of wood frame roof systems. Special attention will be paid to analyzing the strength and capability of the system utilizing rafter span charts and Conventional Construction Guidelines. While particularly useful for reroofing contractors, knowledge of the rules of roof construction can be a valuable tool for… Read more

Dec. 18, 2020 – FREE TRI Short Course – Working on a Tile Roof – Do You Have a Plan?

This short presentation will walk through the concrete tile manufacturing process, identifying the different tiles. We will also discuss different tile installations, how they affect walkability and best practices, and the TRI manual guidelines for replacing broken tiles. About Victor Rosas Victor Rosas was born and raised in SoCal and… Read more

Dec. 11, 2020 – FREE TRI Short Course – Roof Tile / Solar System Installations

This presentation will review solar system installations on existing roof tile systems such as direct-to-deck, 4’ standard batten system & counter/batten and/or shimmed batten systems. JBA has inspected many installed solar systems on roof tiles in the Rocky Mountain region. Most have been installed well, but many have numerous installation… Read more

Nov. 5, 2020 – Free TRI Short Course – Good, Better, Best Tile Selling Model

In this presentation we will discuss the three-pronged selling model “Good, Better, Best,” along with the competitive value-added benefits of a tile roof system. Then we will walk through an example of building a good, better and best system that contractors can insert into their selling bids to help stand… Read more
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