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Phoenix, AZ – Jan. 13, 2022 – Manual Certification at ARCA

The TRI Certification class is for entry level and experienced roofers, consultants, and industry professionals who work with tile roofing and want to expand their skills. It provides a foundation of knowledge for people new to the industry and helps more experienced people gain efficiency. Those who pass the multiple-choice… Read more

Ask the Expert – What is the Life Expectancy of Underlayment with a Tile Roof?

A recent Ask the Expert question and answer from TRI President and Technical Director, Rick Olson. QUESTION How long should underlayment last under a tile roof? I hear some people say 10-20 years, others say 25-30 years or even 20-35 years. Can you tell me which is true with a… Read more

Dec 1, 2021 – Florida High Wind Manual Certification Webinar

NOTE: The effective date of the NEW 6th Edition Florida High Wind Manual was 12-31-20. This class is for entry level and experienced roofers in Florida who want to expand their skills and understand the new codes effective with the 6th Edition FRSA/TRI High Wind Installation Manual. The class is… Read more
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