As the industry changes, so must we.

Las Vegas, NV – Cooper Roofing and Garrison Keillor’s fictional town of Lake Wobegon have something in common: everyone is above average.

Twenty five foreman, superintendents and estimators, including Cooper Roofing President Scott Donnelly and his son Cameron attended the private TRIA Installation Manual Certification class in March. Cameron was one of 6 perfect scores. The entire group averaged a score of 95% on the 50 question test.

With over 300 employees, installing tens of thousands of squares of tile roofing, Cooper can be considered a “production company’. But, Cooper Roofing is also an example of the hunt for excellence, evolving into company standards, and ultimately being a company that can say “Our company is a team of expert tile roofing professionals. Our installations are code compliant and typically exceed the TRIA Installation Manual requirements.”  The Ford assembly line style is not just about speed, but consistent output to a high standard.

Quality first, consistent output, done efficiently. Cooper is no stranger to high end custom home installations. Philippe Rosak from Ludowici attended the training to brief Cooper on their upcoming Ludowici Spanish tile installation on a Las Vegas custom home.

Three tile roof manufacturers supported the private training: Westlake, Eagle and Ludowici . Thanks to Philippe Rosak (Ludowici), Christian Meyer (Eagle) and Alyssa Milliren (Westlake) for their support.


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