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This presentation will review solar system installations on existing roof tile systems such as direct-to-deck, 4’ standard batten system & counter/batten and/or shimmed batten systems. JBA has inspected many installed solar systems on roof tiles in the Rocky Mountain region. Most have been installed well, but many have numerous installation issues, CODE issues, Manufacturers installation requirement issues and waterproofing issues. Some have required complete removal and re-installation to correct the issues. With the growth of solar, educating solar & roofing contractors regarding theses issues is crucial to assure properly installed roof tiles.

At the end of this presentation attendees will be able to:

  • Review “what not to do” regarding solar installation systems
  • Identify roof tile installation system types (e.g., direct-to-deck, standard 4’ batten, counter batten) and understand why you need this knowledge when installing a solar system on a roof tile system
  • Review a basic check-list that covers the primary items/issues before the solar project starts

About Gary Manlove
Gary ManloveGary Manlove (JBA Consulting) is a 36-year veteran of the roof tile industry. Gary has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the roof tile industry including sales, marketing, technical training, installation requirements, production facilities and local/national CODE compliance requirements. As a consultant, Gary has inspected 1000’s of roof tile installations including ones with solar systems. In addition, Gary was the National Technical Manager for a European solar company and launched their mounting system in the North American market. Gary has managed the installation of numerous standard solar installations and BIPV (Building Integrated PV) around the country.

Watch the Recorded Webinar:

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