As the industry changes, so must we.

This short presentation will walk through the concrete tile manufacturing process, identifying the different tiles. We will also discuss different tile installations, how they affect walkability and best practices, and the TRI manual guidelines for replacing broken tiles.

About Victor Rosas
Victor Rosas, Eagle RoofingVictor Rosas was born and raised in SoCal and has been with Eagle Roofing Products for the past five years. He first started with their sales team, where he developed his tile selling skills in a the competitive market of Southern California. With his positive attitude and strong work ethic, he was offered a role in Eagle’s Technical Department as the Western Tech. Service Representative. Motivated and challenge-driven, his exposure to all western states that install concrete tile has increased his knowledge quickly. What makes Victor a great resource is his eagerness to help others, develop key relationships and provide excellent service to specifiers, roofing contractors, distributors, and all tile industry personnel.

Watch the Recorded Webinar:

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