As the industry changes, so must we.

John Jensen, TRI Training Manager, will be presenting a short course “Tile Roofing Components Virtual Trade Show,” on Oct. 15, 2021. 

John manages the training program for TRI Alliance, and he is also a contractor of 30 years. He identifies primarily as a “tile roofer”. We often focus on the benefits tile roofing components bring to the building. John will focus on how the components provide a great benefit to the installer.

Here are John’s thoughts on components and why he chose to present this shsort course:

“I get excited about anything that helps grow our industry, helps contractors grow their business, and helps our installers on the roof.

“We know skilled people build better roofs. So we focus on training. But Tile Roof Components available today make it easier for people to build better roofs, faster. Components provide a great opportunity for the savvy contractor. The benefits to the structure are fantastic, and those “upgrades” paid for by the homeowner can simplify and speed the installation process, and greatly reduce the chances of callbacks. We can build better roofs, simplify installation, and minimize callback potential.”

Learn more and register for the short course.


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