As the industry changes, so must we.

Code Initiatives & Tile Roofing Contractors

February 2022 Technical Committee Update

The TRI Alliance Technical Committee is working with our partnering organizations to address upcoming code cycle initiatives.

Florida Code Modifications – The TRI Alliance technical team is working with our partner FRSA and our members to address potential revisions to the Florida Building Codes that will be heard this summer. In addition, we are following specific legislation in Florida dealing with:

  • Redefining the term “covered policy” under the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund in relation to certain collateral protection insurance policies
  • Providing an annual appropriation from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to fund specified research
  • Revising the limitations period for certain actions founded on the design, planning, or construction of an improvement on real property
  • Requirements for the Florida Building Commission to develop certain uniform standards for existing building structures or facilities
  • Repealing a provision relating to the Florida Occupational Safety and Health State Plan

The technical committee is also working on Revisions to the TRI Alliance Tile Roofing Installation Guides


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