As the industry changes, so must we.

Tile Roofing Installation Guides

February 2022 Technical Committee Update

Our TRI Alliance industry installation guides are currently being revised for the inclusion of the new ASCE-7 wind language that will reduce uplift pressures and reduce the number of roof zones back to 3, from the current 6. This will be important in the regions of the country where the design wind speeds are greater than100 mph.

Our current installation guides can be downloaded for free.

When additional clarifications may be required on topics, the TRI will issue technical bulletins.

As industry we use our technical briefs to provide greater clarification or touch on topics not found in our installation guides. As professionals, you should download a copy of the technical briefs to have in your project files along with our installation guides.

Other February activity for the Technical Committee: Code and Legislative Issues Affecting Our Roofing Contractors


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