As the industry changes, so must we.

Progress on New Tile Roofing Installation Guides

March has seen significant activity with our TRI Alliance technical initiatives.

Just this week we held in-depth reviews review of our FRSA/TRI Florida High Wind Guide in Florida with our partner FRSA. Concurrently we held our TRI main guide review (for everywhere outside of Florida) in California to update our current 2015 manual edition.

In both initiatives we assembled our TRI Alliance members, contractors, suppliers, and consultants to review new additions to both of these manuals. The result will be improved installation guides that will provide greater clarification, best practices and updated code minimums for our roofing professionals to utilize moving forward.

The TRI Alliance will be completing new wind requirements to meet the new ASCE-7-22 codes that will be included in the new versions of both installation guides.

The TRI Alliance continues working with the FRSA in Florida to address required code modifications for this year’s Florida Building Code Cycle that will hold hearings in July.

The TRI Alliance technical team will be looking at future initiatives that will include energy savings from roofing tiles and storm damage mitigation recommendations. These initiatives have been requested by roofing contractors and design professionals.


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