As the industry changes, so must we.

Meet Ann Iten

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating by chatting with females making waves
in the roofing industry. Continue reading to learn about the legacy of Ann Iten of Westlake Royal
Roofing Solutions.

What is your position and how long have you been involved in the roofing industry?

I am the Director of Marketing and Product Management at Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions™
(formerly Boral Roofing) and have held this position for the last five years. I’ve specialized in
marketing for the past 27 years and entered roofing after time spent in the technology industry.

What does it mean to be a female in a male dominated industry?

Although the roofing industry is still undoubtedly male dominated, we are starting to see the
female population grow. What’s so refreshing however, is this industry rarely makes gender a
focus. Women like me who’ve recently joined the industry bring unique perspectives and
approaches to the business and, in doing so, are helping this industry diversify and excel into
the next era.

Who is the most influential woman in your career and/or life?

The most influential woman in my life and career has been my aunt by marriage, Joan Marcus
Webb. I deeply admire the drive she displayed early in her career and her success in climbing
the corporate ladder within the male dominated homebuilding industry – all while raising a
family. In 2016, she became the first woman to serve as Chair of the California Homebuilding
Foundation Board of Trustees. It’s amazing to witness all that she’s done for the building
industry and accomplished within her own career. She taught me that it’s not your gender but
your work and will to succeed that’ll shape your career and contributions. I am thankful to her
for the work ethic and drive she instilled in me.

A special thank you to Ann Iten and her contributions to the roofing industry! Want to nominate
an influential person? Email us at


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