As the industry changes, so must we.

By Rick Olson, TRI President & Technical Director
The TRI Technical Team continues to be a resource for our members and those seeking assistance. With the atmospheric rain traveling in storms across the country, we are seeing a significant increase in the need for information on proper ways to identify and repair leaking roofs. 
December has been a month of expanding our training offerings through our TRI Webinar Series. We held a very successful webinar for 38 attendees, designed to share our Post Storm Evaluations found for wind, hail, and snow events. The interactive dialog with contractors, designers, engineers, and claims adjusters allowed our TRI technical team to help educate on the proper codes, installation manuals, and areas of issues identified during storm events. We will be planning an expansion of the topics with one dedicated to Florida challenges as our next program for development.
Our TRI-Thermal Study is now in our build-out stage as we have installed the first of 10 climate locations, starting with Rialto California. This 3-year study will gather data from the 10 code-defined climates in the US as we learn about the actual real-time heat transfer and energy savings that might be recognized through our roofing tiles.
As the TRI Alliance, in January we will be starting a series of information and considerations for yearly maintenance programs that can help identify and correct issues before storms create leaks.
We also look forward to connecting with everyone at the upcoming International Roofing Expo Show in Vegas from February 6th-8th. This is a great way for attendees to meet the technical people who work for our various producing members and handle your technical needs on a daily basis. 


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