As the industry changes, so must we.

By TRIA President, Rick Olson:


The TRI technical team continues to work with our partners in tracking the local legislative
efforts to change or mandate local code requirements that are far more restrictive than the
National or current local codes require. These have included white roof as the only energy
saving option where we have significant energy benefits for our roofing tiles that include above
sheathing ventilation (ASV) and thermal mass. Expansion of the Wildfire Urban Interface (WUI)
into more suburban versus rural areas.

Our TRI Alliance Solar committee is currently working with both US and European
manufacturers of components that can integrate with our tile products. As solar continues to
expand, there is the need for proper fastening/mounting, wiring, and flashing to allow any
steep slope roofing assembly to perform as required.

Our Tile Roofing Energy Cost Savings Study (TRECS) is underway with the first data field station
in Southern California almost ready to capture data. The balance of the 10 climatic regions that
will host 41 stations will be underway in March with our goal of July 1 for data migration from
all our locations. We look forward to sharing the data on social media and our website as each
of the stations “go live”.

Our TRI Alliance Code committee has begun the review process of the current codes as the next
code cycle will be coming up later this year. As part of this process, we will be reviewing all of
our current technical bulletins for updates and new information we are learning through
feedback from our members and the building community.

Our Technical committee continues to update our training content to reflect the latest code
revisions and to identify new topics of interest for our special training sessions. Please visit our
training schedule at to participate in one of our 2024 revised training classes.

Anyone wishing to join our team, please join the TRI Alliance and request to be added to our
technical team.


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