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118th Congress, Regulatory Agenda, Roofing Day in DC

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Updated 1/30/23 by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup; photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash 118th Congress Republicans control the House 222-213 and Democrats the Senate 51-49. With Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) in place the House was able to pass a rules package mostly focused on preventing more gigantic omnibus bills, and… Read more
Washington DC Tile Roof

$1.7 Trillion, H-2B Reforms, NLRB Updates and more

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Update 1/4/23 by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup; photo by John Jensen $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill Signed Into Law On Dec. 29, President Biden signed an omnibus spending package for the remainder of FY23 that Congress was able to pass with all Democrats and 18 Republican Senators.  At 4,000 pages,… Read more
IRS Building WA DC

Midterm Election Review & Agency Oversight in Washington DC

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Update and photo by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup Midterm Election There was no red wave because abortion was a factor in states like Michigan and races like VA’s 7th CD where Republican Yesli Vega came up short against Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D), and Trump endorsed candidates underperformed in Republican-leaning… Read more

Independent Contractor Rulemaking, OSHA’s Agenda & H-2B Visa Numbers – Government Relations Update

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Updated 11/1/22 by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup DOL Independent Contractor Rulemaking On Oct. 11, DOL released its proposed Independent Contractor rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The NY Times reports it would, “make it more likely for millions of janitors, home-care and construction workers and gig drivers… Read more
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Government Relations Update for September

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash Updated 10/3/22 by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) On August 24, the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) issued its DACA final rule which codifies existing policies and is effective Oct. 31.  The DHS News Release explains that pursuant… Read more
St. Marys Church, Iowa

A Ludowici Clay Tile Roof Restoration by The Durable Slate Company – St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Case Study, Industry Insights, Member News

Our members are the backbone of the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance. We’re excited to continue featuring their work and continued innovations throughout the year. TRI Member, The Durable Slate Company shares their latest project featuring St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Learn more about the project below. The St. Mary’s Catholic Church… Read more
a hand setting tile roofing tiles

Roof Tiles & The International Energy Conservation Code IECC)

Industry Insights, Technical Updates

Update by TRI President and Technical Director, Rick Olson TRI Alliance & Partners Advocate Against Proposed Changes The TRI Alliance technical committee is working in partnership with ARMA, NRCA and other roofing partners to help advocate against the new ICC-International Energy Conservation Code proposed revision to raise the minimum Aged… Read more

Tile Roofing Training Options

Industry Insights, Training Tips

Open Tile Roofing Classes –  As we move into Fall, Tile Roofing Training classes will continue to be offered in person and on line. Florida High Wind Installation Manual classes will be held on site in Tampa, October 27th, and online  December 2nd.  Classes for the regular Clay… Read more

Government Relations Update for August 2022

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Taxes Update by TRI Lobbyist, Craig S. Brightup In addition to giving the IRS $80 billion to hire 87,000 new auditors, Inflation Reduction Act revenue raisers include a 15% minimum tax on companies making $1 billion annually; a stock buyback tax; and targeted taxes like the… Read more

August 2022 From Solar to Legislative Reconciliation the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance has you covered!


Tile Roof with Solar Panels

Solar Output to Triple by 2024

Industry Insights, Solar, Technical Updates, Tile Roofing Institute

Update by TRI President and Technical Director, Rick Olson Photo courtesy of JBA – Roofing & Solar Consulting Solar and Tile Roofing The TRI Alliance Technical team is working to better understand the challenges our industry will face as the white house announced this week the intent to triple the… Read more
TRI Alliance Manual Certification

Texas Trainings Bring Out The Best

*Installation Manual Certification, Industry Insights, Texas, Tile Roofing Institute

Story & photos by TRI Training Director, John Jensen Three Installation Manual Certification classes attracted some of the best roofing contractors in Texas and Oklahoma. With 58 attendees, the events in Euless, Dallas and San Antonio included contractors, distribution companies and tile manufacturers. 3 Tile Roofing Trainings, 3 Cities, 58… Read more
Dr Seuss Mansion with Redland Clay Tile

Dr. Seuss Mansion with Redland Clay Tile

Industry Insights, Member News

World famous Dr. Seuss mansion in La Jolla up for sale after 75 years Theodor Geisel, affectionately known as Dr. Seuss, remains one of the most renowned children’s book authors of our time. Theodor and his wife, Audrey Geisel, moved to La Jolla in 1948. They bought an observation tower… Read more

Government Relations Update for July 2022

Government Relations, Industry Insights

Schumer-Manchin Reconciliation Deal On July 27, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) released a relatively “slim” Build Back Better reconciliation bill.  The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 would extend Affordable Care Act subsidies from the American Rescue Plan and allow Medicare to negotiate certain prescription… Read more

July 2022 Tile Roofing Initiatives, Heat Transfer Study, Repair and Replacement Guidelines and more


tile roofing new construction

New Tile Roofing Industry Initiatives for 2022-2023

Industry Insights, Membership, Technical Updates

Update by TRI President and Technical Director, Rick Olson The TRI Alliance fiscal year begins in July and we are excited to announce new industry initiatives for 2022-2023. During our May board meeting we discussed new programs and focus for the TRI Alliance in the upcoming year. TRI Alliance Board… Read more

Tile Roofing Heat Transfer Study

Industry Insights, Technical Updates

Update by TRI Alliance Technical Committee Heat Transfer Study: Tile Roofing vs Other Materials Our plans to quantify the value of tile roofing versus other, temporary roof coverings includes a comprehensive heat transfer study. This initiative will start in the summer with the construction of the first of a total… Read more

Tile Roofing Repair and Replacement Guidelines Coming Soon

Industry Insights, Technical Updates

Update by TRI Alliance Technical Committee In support of our efforts to tackle the pervasive insurance fraud issues currently under the microscope in Florida, the TRIA will soon release a Post Storm Event Technical Bulletin with repair and replace guidelines. Created in an infographic format, the guide is intended to… Read more
ARCA Classroom in Phoenix

Manual Certification Classes in Texas, California and Florida

*High-Wind Certification, *Installation Manual Certification, Industry Insights

How fast will classes fill up?  We have a great schedule ahead, but be warned, we’re working to keep travel and hotel costs within our budget. We’ll be filling rooms to 50% capacity, and have less flexibility (as in the past) to add a day when one sells out. Free… Read more

Government Relations Updates for June 2022

Government Relations, Industry Insights

OSHA Proposal to Revoke Arizona State Plan TRIA submitted comments to OSHA on June 24, opposing its move to revoke the Arizona State Plan.   Spring Unified Federal Regulatory Agenda On June 21, the 2022 Spring Regulatory Agenda was released listing agencies’ agendas.  Items of concern beyond OSHA’s move to revoke… Read more
Ludowici project of the year - Madeira Condo

Ludowici Award Winning Projects

Industry Insights, Member News

TRIA Member Ludowici recently announced the winners of their annual project of the year contest. They asked for submissions of the best projects with any recent use of their product including residential, educational, new construction, renovation and more. The winners were chosen by an internal Ludowici panel and popular vote… Read more
TRI Alliance Training

Complimentary Training for Members – Time is Running Out

*High-Wind Certification, *Installation Manual Certification, Industry Insights

Redeem Your Free Training by June 30th The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance fiscal year and annual membership runs July 1 to June 30th. One free Installation Manual Certification Training was included with your TRIA contractor membership. If you are a member and have not used your free training this year,… Read more

Government Relations Updates for April 2022

Government Relations, Industry Insights

TRIA Fly-In to Washington, DC From April 5-7, TRIA’s Government Relations Committee held a fly-in to Washington, DC in conjunction with NRCA’s Roofing Day In DC.  TRIA supports Roofing Day, which lobbies on industry-wide consensus issues, and this year’s emphasized workforce needs including more funding for career and technical education… Read more

April 2022 Updates from DC, Tackling the Labor Shortage and Less Regulations on the Roofing Industry


Meet Craig Brightup – Lobbyist for TRI Alliance

Government Relations, Industry Insights

TRIA’s Washington, DC, lobbyist is Craig Brightup, CEO of The Brightup Group LLC, a government affairs consulting firm. Previously, he was NRCA’s VP of Government Relations, opening its Capitol Hill office in 1990, and before that headed congressional affairs for the Federal Trade Commission by appointment of President Reagan. In… Read more
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