As the industry changes, so must we.

Story & photos by TRI Training Director, John Jensen

Three Installation Manual Certification classes attracted some of the best roofing contractors in Texas and Oklahoma. With 58 attendees, the events in Euless, Dallas and San Antonio included contractors, distribution companies and tile manufacturers.

3 Tile Roofing Trainings, 3 Cities, 58 Attendees

Every roofing company sent more than one employee, led by Corey Construction (7), Beldon Roofing (6) and Precision Construction & Roofing (6), and many with 2 to 4 each. Primarily custom home and re-roof contractors, most contracting companies have been licensed through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas program, and many already have TRIA manual certified employees on staff.

Tile Roofing Manufacturer Support

Ludowici Dallas Design CenterEmployees of four manufacturers (Ludowici, Westlake, Crown and MCA) that serve the North Texas market attended and supported the training week with tiles and components. Ludowici hosted one training day at their Dallas showroom and training center. As an industry trainer I can’t favor any manufacturer, but Ludowici had donuts with meat in the middle. The trainings happen because of the TRIA manufacturer support.

Good companies make training a priority. 
Best companies make it a habit.

 It’s the roofing contractors, the installers, the sales and support people attending from long established companies that are the tone setters. Companies like Lon Smith Roofing and Construction sent a couple of experienced guys to learn more about tile. Ludowici residential Project of the year winner Precision Roofing and Construction, and perennial North Texas Tile Project winner Ramon Roofing reloaded their teams. We had the 6th, 21st and 36th largest roofing companies in the country in these classes. Bigger is not always better, but the attendance of quality people and companies suggests better companies make training a priority. The best companies make it a habit.


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