Training Tips

Tile Roofing Training Options

Open Tile Roofing Classes –  As we move into Fall, Tile Roofing Training classes will continue to be offered in person and on line. Florida High Wind Installation Manual classes will be held on site in Tampa, October 27th, and online  December 2nd.  Classes for the regular Clay… Read more

Apr 22, 2022 – TRI Short Course – How Are We Going to do This? – VIDEO Available

                                 This presentation will review several complex projects completed around the country and abroad by The Durable Slate Company, including: St. Mary’s – a 175′ Steeple A unique tile project damaged by Hurricane Sandy in… Read more

Apr 1, 2022 -TRI FREE Short Course -This is Tile Roofing-Part 3: Field Tile Installation

This is Tile Roofing – Part 3 – Field Tile Installation We continue a rudimentary but thorough look at the basics of Tile Roofing Installation This 30 minute webinar will be beneficial to you if you are: new to the tile roofing industry & want a foundational understanding of tile… Read more

Dec. 11, 2020 – FREE TRI Short Course – Roof Tile / Solar System Installations

This presentation will review solar system installations on existing roof tile systems such as direct-to-deck, 4’ standard batten system & counter/batten and/or shimmed batten systems. JBA has inspected many installed solar systems on roof tiles in the Rocky Mountain region. Most have been installed well, but many have numerous installation… Read more
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