As the industry changes, so must we.

By: Rick Olson, TRI President

Energy Efficiencies of Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles

For years, the energy ratings for roof assemblies have focused on roof color and radiant barriers. Our concrete and clay roof tiles bring the additional benefits of thermal mass, high emissivity, and Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV). These benefits were identified in studies conducted by the D.O.E at their Oakridge National Research Laboratory (ORNL), but are not incorporated into the current building modeling software.

Energy Calculator Developed

Over the last two years the TRI has been working with a 3rd party software developer to create an energy calculator to help identify and quantify the energy benefits of various roofing tile configurations. This proprietary calculator will allow for the variables for type of tile, installation techniques and colors. The consumer will be able to identify potential energy savings over time through use of the calculator that allows either default energy costs by state or input of actual energy rates by locality.  

Thermal Heat Study

To help revise the various building computer models for roof performance, the TRI Alliance is launching a 3-year field research study to compare the actual temperature and energy performance of concrete and clay roof tiles to a default asphalt shingle used in the current modeling programs. The study will include monitoring stations in the 5 code identified climate regions over a three-year period. We will be working with the DOE on a final report when the study concludes.  

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