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“I joined TRI, will I be listed in the Contractor Search?”

Below is a description of the two listings that we offer on our website, with an explanation of how they are separate but related.

TRI Contractor Search

TRI contractor search mapThe TRI “Find a Contractor” page allows website visitors to search for a TRI Certified contractor, mfr/supplier, inspector or consultant in their area.

TRI offers 2 certification classes: Installation Manual Certification (offered in all states except Florida), and the Florida High Wind Manual Certification (offered only in Florida). Each class is an all-day classroom training, that concludes with a 50 question multiple choice test. Attendees that pass the test earn TRI Certification. Companies are listed in the Contractor Search after at least one employee has earned TRI Certification. The listing includes company contact information (name, address, phone) and the names of the employees that are certified.

TRI Certification is valid for 2 years and can be renewed on-line or in person every 2 years. More information about certification renewal is available here.  A company will be removed from the contractor search if all employee certifications have expired.

TRI Member Listing

The TRI offers associate membership opportunities for contractors, distributors, suppliers, consultants and other professionals involved in the tile roofing industry. Benefits of membership include:

  • Discounted certification class fees ($199 per person for members vs. $299 for non-members)
  • 1 free certification training for 1 person during the membership year (beginning July 1, 2021)
  • Priority in the contractor search – member companies are listed before non-member companies in a given search area
  • Listing in our member directory with a link back to your company’s website
  • If your company has certified employees, a link to your website is added to the contact information in the contractor search. This will help your search engine ranking when someone searches for tile roofing expertise in your area.

More information about TRI Membership is available on our Membership page.

If you still have questions about TRI Certification or Membership, contact us.

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