As the industry changes, so must we.

TRIA Launches Manual Certification WebinarThe TRIA launched a webinar version of the Manual Certification Class in May. As presenters and attendees adjust to online training, we see an increased comfort level with remote learning. Early online attendees have provided great feedback in surveys and interviews to help us refine and improve the delivery.  The shorter fixed time commitment is popular with participants, and biweekly trainings accessible from anywhere make training available within two weeks for most.

So, what are the differences between the classroom and a webinar training

The classroom training requires a full day commitment and physical attendance at a meeting space. This means a commute, maybe in rush hour traffic, possibly overnight travel. Starting at 8 am, classroom attendees typically complete their test by 4 pm. An added value with the classroom training is meeting and connecting with fellow contractors, consultants, inspectors, manufacturer sales/technical reps, and other industry professionals. Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions complicate the ability to make those personal connections.

The webinar version of the Manual Certification allows for a reduced time commitment. The fixed presentation time is 4 hours. You can “attend” from your office, home, truck, or anywhere you have a wifi connection, and where you will not be distracted by your surroundings. No commute or travel is required. After the webinar you have 24 hours to complete the test online.

This flexibility comes with some personal responsibility. Attendees must register 10 days in advance so we can ship a package with an Installation Manual, highlighter, hand sanitizer and pre-class “homework”. This pre-work takes about an hour (videos to watch, articles to read) and helps us start the presentation day running. During the presentation, questions can be submitted and addressed in real time. When the webinar is complete, we offer a conference call to address any additional questions.

You can spend the second half of your day catching up at work and complete your test in the evening or following morning.  

So far, webinar attendees have higher test scores than their classroom counterparts.  The average online attendee score is above 90%. Possibly related to these higher test scores, “attendee engagement” reports (yes computers can do that!) show that attendees are following along and not being distracted during the presentation.

Whether we teach in the classroom or on-line, our goal is the same: To make the TRIA Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual a valuable tool for you. Whether you are estimating, selling, installing, or inspecting, the information you need is in the book! For people new to the industry, the Manual Certification Class is a solid foundation for learning. Experienced people, internal trainers and those in sales and customer service will be able to use the manual to communicate the fundamentals to people who have less knowledge and experience.

We will be adding the final FRSA/TRIA 5th Edition Florida High Wind Manual Certifications in July. The new FRSA/TRIA 6th Edition Florida High Wind Manual will be in place in January 2021. Check out the schedule at   If you have any questions contact Lisa Jensen at  


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