As the industry changes, so must we.

Can tile roofing components solve the “Speed, Cost, Quality” conundrum? Quality craftsmanship, knowledge and skill are important to a successful tile roofing installation. Roofing is a competitive industry. Delivering quality while remaining price competitive requires an efficient install practice. The speed of installation of thousands of roof tiles on one roof matters. 

Roof components (beyond the tile) can enhance the quality of the roof by increasing function and longevity. Roof components also can speed the installation process and reduce callbacks. The dual value to the consumer and the contractor provides an opportunity to set yourself apart from many competitors by delivering a better roof, faster, with enhanced value that exceeds the cost of the component upgrades.

We’ll look at components from multiple manufacturers.

If you have a component that has benefited you, please contact John Jensen at

About John Jensen
John is the President of Jensen Roofing Inc. based in Seattle, WA. Founded in 1988, Jensen Roofing provides tile roof inspection, maintenance and repair. Jensen Roofing Inc. serves over 450 residential and commercial building owners in the Pacific Northwest. He is also the National Training Manager for the Tile Roofing Industry (TRI) Alliance. TRI provides training to roofing installers, inspectors, consultants and other industry professionals. John coordinates the Certification training program and provides technical support to past class attendees. With over 30 years of experience in the field John is considered an expert in the industry.

Questions? Contact Lisa Jensen at or 425.269.3201


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