As the industry changes, so must we.

This 30 minute presentation will review the dangers and damages that can occur when snow and ice move on a roof. We will also touch base on ice dams, DIY solutions, and the engineering that goes into snow retention systems. Attendees will: 

  • discover the dangers involved when snow and ice move on a roof
  • realize how heavy snow can be when it accumulates
  • compare and contrast DIY solutions
  • review productive design practices for snowy regions
  • appreciate the importance of testing and engineering snow retention systems
  • see the similarities & differences with brackets & fences

To see what can happen when snow falls off a roof: 

About Mindy Dahlquist
Mindy Dahlquist is the Business Development manager for TRA snow and sun. Mindy was raised in rural Ohio, with an education focused on agriculture and local trades. As an account manager for a commercial snow removal company in Utah and Colorado, she gained her respect for the heavy snow in mountainous regions. Here she learned the dangers and work involved when heavy snow falls and accumulates. Rooftop snow removal and snow shed on parking lots and walkways seemed like something you just had to deal with. Joining TRA she was given the tools to see there’s always more than one solution to a problem, and rooftop snow retention is the safest solution to heavy snow accumulation.

Questions? Contact Lisa Jensen at or 425.269.3201


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