As the industry changes, so must we.

The upcoming 3 day weekend celebrates you, the American worker. We think it’s a perfect time to celebrate the people that bring great depth and experience to the classroom and have helped us meet the increased demand for training.

The construction boom, the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida, and quality companies investing in training for their employees have bumped classroom attendance up by 30%, and Hands On Demo attendance by 50%. People in the industry stepped in to help meet the demand.

Paul Oleksak (Boral Roofing), Tyler Allwood (Eagle Roofing Products) and Adrian Robledo (ICP Adhesives) worked to revise the Florida High Wind Manual Training. The FRSA/TRI 5th Edition Revised Florida High Wind Manual is well organized considering the complicated nature of the climate. Thanks to Tyler, Paul and Adrian, the classroom presentation now delivers that information in a similarly organized way.

Mike Fulton (O’Hagin Ventilation Products) brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Mike excels during the Hands On Demos where he addresses all of the challenges with practical solutions. Victor Rosas (Eagle Roofing Products) is a relatively new to our team, but an important asset. He and Adrian Robledo are bilingual and have made great learning days for some of the best installers. And Victor knows his way around a BBQ.

Lisa Jensen takes on delivering the “words” part of the manual, allowing us to know the foundation before we move to pictures, drawings, part and pieces.

Tim Lastovica and George McMahon (Crown Roof Tiles) are always supportive and sometimes have worked as tutors to ensure students are “getting it”.

We’ve also had guest speakers: Tom Parker (Dow Tile Bond), Bryan Hash (RB Hash & Assoc.), Paul Ramon (Ramon Roofing), Mark Messner (Legacy Roof Consulting), Dave Eubanks (Collis Roofing), Tim Hemm (Tim Hemm Inspection), Pedro Gutierrez (ICP Adhesives) and Mike Middleton (Boral Roofing) bring their expertise into the classroom. I especially appreciate the contractors willing to come in and essentially help their competitors by attempting to raise the bar of our entire industry.

Consultants Gary Manlove (JBA Consulting) Jerry Conrad (Western States Roof Consulting) and Jerry Vandewater (Vandewater Assoc. Consulting & Crown Roof Tile) will be in our playbook for the coming year and always support TRI Training with their knowledge.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone from the last year, but if I did let me know and we’ll give you a special shout out. We appreciate everyone of you dedicated to helping others and making our industry strong.

TRI Guest Presenters


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