As the industry changes, so must we.

The classroom training is based on the Moderate Climate Guide and provides an excellent understanding of the minimum technical requirements. The classroom discussions about various options and installation techniques can provide the experienced roofer with insights they may not have considered. But “cut the tile, fit the flashing and determine the layout” skills for those new to tile is best done in a hands on situation.

Albuquerque Hands on with TRI

Danny Baca (Chavez Roofing) discusses local techniques with workers from The Roof Depot

With the help of Danny Baca from Chavez Roofing in Albuquerque, NM we experimented with hands on training. Using a simple mock-up that allowed for every roof situation (minus a hip) we covered woven and lapped valleys, eave and ridge row placement, layout, sidewall and valley flashing details and discussed various installation options.

Here’s a link to a short interview with The Roof Depot workers after the classroom Installer Certification training:

Roof Depot Interview

Language can be a be a challenge in our industry and hands on training can bridge that barrier. We hope to do more in 2013.

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