As the industry changes, so must we.

When it comes to tile roofing Worth Supply is “all in”. Worth Supply provides roof tile for new and reroof projects. In addition Worth Reclaiming salvages, stocks and sells reclaimed and historic tile. Owner Rob Miller understands customer and contractor needs. He has combined that knowledge with a business model to fill a niche market in quality roof products.

Worth Supply
Interview with Rob Miller, Worth Supply

Describe the product line at Worth Supply?

In a nut shell our product lines are Slate, Shake, and Tile…but the story goes deeper. Worth Supply does not supply commodity products, No single ply, no asphalt, no coatings-just high end steep slope roofing. Worth Supply was opened to only serve a small and under served niche. With this model, we have proven that we can expand the market share for Slate, Tile, and Shake manufacturers. The recipe is quite simple; we know our stuff-so when asked, we can easily provide the product knowledge to keep the client on track for a high end roof. We make it easy for them. When they go somewhere else and it gets hard to get knowledge, answers, or samples-both parties default to the well known and “less scary” commodity-so another asphalt roof gets installed that could have been something of better value. A missed opportunity for all parties.


How does this focus on quality materials benefit you AND your customers?

Because we deal with Slate and Tile every single day-our entire staff learning curve is accelerated. In our showroom, we help clients make good financial decisions in regard to product selection by sharing our experience. Additionally, since we are buying Slate and Tile every day-we have the best prices-so we bring those high end products to market at great prices for our clients.


Worth Supply also salvages reclaimed material from historic building. Is there a particular project of interest where material was salvaged and reinstalled that comes to mind?

Many of our clients using reclaimed as well as new materials are famous celebrities. We honor their privacy-so we keep that information in-house. Our most interesting projects for me are the numerous projects that we switched from asphalt to Slate or Tile. Those jobs are what keep me getting up every morning. Making a fabulous roof affordable to a client-that they thought was beyond their budget-makes all parties smile. We run a monthly promotion called “Cheaper than Asphalt”, where we pick a tile or slate product from our inventory and offer it for less than what an asphalt roof would cost!


Anything you would like to convey about the Carolina’s market, the tile roofing industry and the value Worth Supply provides?

Worth supply serves the Southeast including both of the Carolina’s. This market is not a large market for slate and tile. Compared to other areas of the country, there is very little slate and tile installed here. This changes the entire dynamic-and that’s the value of Worth Supply being here. In this market many contractors may only do an average of one slate or tile job every two years! So that makes what may be a commodity item in another market-a custom product in our market. So, the contractors, and their crews really lean on us for help because of the unfamiliarity of the product lines. Additionally, since these jobs are so rare, they are viewed as “special” selections to homeowners-so they expect a lot of hand holding and exemplary service. Which, of course we are more than happy and capable to supply.

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