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Meet H & H Roofing Supply

March 16, 2022

H and H Roofing Supply

TRI Alliance exists because of the support of our members. We are celebrating TRIA member H & H Roofing Supply. Enjoy learning about their origin, founder and more.

H & H Roofing Supply is a family owned and operated business with strong ties to the Bakersfield community. Started in December of 2002 by Gary Hackney and son-in-law, Scott Hill (the H and H in the name), the company has enjoyed great success over the years. With more than $8 million in annual sales, H & H Roofing Supply is a rising star in the California roofing industry.

With over 65 years of combined roofing experience, their friendly and professional staff can answer any questions you may have about our company, services, products or general roofing topics.

Ernie Cerda has worked as a salesman for eighteen years with H & H and is one of the many knowledgeable and hardworking employees who helps drive their success alongside the service they provide and the honesty they have with their customers. They are known for their dependability. If they tell someone their load will arrive at a certain time, it’s there!

They carry a full line of roofing and waterproofing products as well as related products and tools. Their on-site showroom contains a plethora of product information as well as product samples.

H & H Roofing Supply is a complete stocking distributor for the professional roofer, supplying the best and newest roofing materials and tools on the market. They are able to offer roof-edge or ground-drop delivery at contractor work sites.

Their goal is to provide affordable, quality roofing materials with prompt, professional and friendly service.

They enjoy the consistent dedication to staying updated on the rules and regulations of the roofing industry that TRI Alliance offers. They appreciate the exposure and promotion of the tile industry through TRI Alliance and our ability to inform on the value of tile roofing.

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