Effective Date: March 2024
The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRI) is pleased to announce the issuance of our new updated CONCRETE AND CLAY ROOF TILE INSTALLATION MANUALdated March 2024 that carries the IAPMO code approval Uniform ES-ER-2015. The new manual provides updated color drawings and the latest ASCE-7-16 and ASCE 7-22 wind uplift design criteria to be compliant with the latest IRC/IBC and CBC code requirements.

The manual is free to download and is recognized by our member companies as their manufacturing installation guides. Please check with your tile manufacturer for any additional information on specific installations.

The previous 2015 version continues to be recognized in our formal IAPMO code approval ES-ER-2015, as it provides design language required for projects complying with ASCE-7-05 and ASCE-7-10.

A special view portal can be found by clicking here CLICK

We will be creating an online “Print On Demand” in the near future for those wishing to obtain a hard copy of the manual.