As the industry changes, so must we.

Follow this truck.

Bill Burke is President of Burke Roofing, Inc. in Reno, Nevada. Saying Bill is just an enthusiastic person is like saying the Golden Gate is just a bridge. It’s true, but until you see it for yourself you just can’t imagine. He’s full of energy and pride in the work his team puts out.

When he says “this is not just a job. We are professionals” he’s not just speaking for himself. That could be the company credo. With over 40 employees, Bill has built a machine with a soul. His staff is experienced, loyal and they have not only adjusted to Bill’s intensity level, but they appreciate and thrive on it.

While touring several tract projects with Bill we met the General Contractor of a new subdivision where Burke was installing all of the roofing. He said “Burke is the best subcontractor I have of any trade. He does what he says, when he says he’s going to do it, and I never have to worry about it.”


Wrapped Nailer Board

All nailer boards are wrapped and strapped. The hip cuts are adhered with adhesive and kept in place with a fastener to keep it from sliding until cured.

Some might find Burke Roofing’s specialty areas incongruent:  uncompromising quality and efficient mass production. They do a lot of high-end custom work and they don’t let the quality dip when doing tract work.

“Tract work is a science to us. I want to sleep well at night so we regularly exceed TRI minimum specifications to match the needs of the climate here in Reno” Bill says. “If I’m not willing to do that then why am I here?”


Snow Brackets - Reno

As a company Burke Roofing has a “no fear” attitude. They will take on any challenging project, but they will research and/or develop whatever is needed to deliver a quality end result.

Bill has attended classes in a couple of cities and sends his lead personnel too. “I like the open forum nature of the classes. I always learn something and enjoy meeting other quality minded contractors who are continuously trying to improve their outcomes.”

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