As the industry changes, so must we.

The TRI Alliance in collaboration with its associate member UNIRAC, announced today the formation of an industry Solar task group to begin discussions on the proper installation of solar equipment on steep slope concrete and clay roofing tile applications. Over the years the need for the roofing industry to better understand how to mount and install these proprietary systems on steep slope applications has been raised from local code officials, manufacturers and contractor organizations. The initial focus will be on proper fastening to the roof sheathing/truss and providing  flashing and sealing of roof penetrations to allow the roof assembly to perform as designed and in compliance with local and national building codes. The task group is hopeful through discussions of creating a generic technical bulletin that can be used to identify areas of concerns and best practices in creating longer lasting installations without jeopardizing roof performance. The task group will discuss both new and retrofit installations. The task group welcomes additional participants that wish to be part of the discussions. For more information, please email us at


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