As the industry changes, so must we.

Many people know that tile blends into a natural setting, is energy efficient, resists UV degradation and can be installed to resist high winds. Cactus, deserts and warm oceans are common backdrops in marketing brochures.

But what if your roof covering is required to do all that and handle snow, cold and temperatures to 40 below? Ted Darch, owner of Calgary-based E.J. Darch Architect Ltd came to the conclusion that tile met their wants, and the specifications required by Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

Banff’s design guidelines required:

  • “Enhance the views”
  • “Withstand the subarctic climate (winters as cold as -40 F)”
  • “Withstand 15” to 40” of snow”

Some of the reasons Boral’s Saxony Slate in Mission Red was selected:

  • Energy efficiency and durability
  • Resembles natural slate
  • Withstands the subarctic region’s extreme weather.
  • Withstands flying embers in case of forest fires.
  • Tiles’ aesthetic appeal – the color possibilities to make the roof part of the overall scheme

Check out the article in Roofing Magazine by Christina Koch.

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