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September 11, 2012

“The Installer Certification program changed the way tile is installed in El Paso. The Moderate Climate Guide gives the City of El Paso, suppliers and contractors a common resource to work from.” ~Scott Aguilar, Eagle Roofing Products

On February 4, 2011 the Tile Roofing Institute partnered with regional industry leaders and the City of El Paso to hold an Installer Certification class in El Paso, Texas. Severe storms had exposed a standard of installation in the area that did not meet the minimum requirements of the Moderate Climate Guide. The local style was a hybrid installation combining elements of the old Florida System 2 (standard flashing with no edge returns) and a basic moderate climate minimum standard installation ( 30 lb unsealed underlayment with battens). The installation was functional under most conditions in this dry climate that averages less than 10″ of precipitation per year.

El Paso Texas

But the storms challenged the installation style. City of El Paso Chief Building Inspector Ron Roth sought to understand the problem and became familiar with the Moderate Climate Guide. When he talked to some of the best roofing contractors in El Paso he found that the challenge stretched to the supply chain. Since no one asked for “J” flashing, or “W” flashing with returns, or ribbed anything, suppliers did not stock the necessary flashings.

The quality minded contractors were confident in their existing installation practices but the City needed a manufacturer or code body approved installation system. It was a showdown in El Paso.

Eagle Roofing Southwest Sales rep. Scott Aguilar knew the Moderate Climate Guide requirements, and the unique history of installations in El Paso. He also knew suppliers can’t afford to stock what contractors won’t buy. Scott brought El Paso ABC Supply Manager Larry Eck into the mix.

A working lunch was organized that included the City of El Paso, local suppliers, leadership from the Border Roofing Contractors Association and TRI. The next day 30 local contractors became Certified Installers after completing the 8 hour course and passing the 50 question test.

ABC Supply now stocks the necessary flashings, and sells them! Other suppliers have followed suit. The City of El Paso Building Department was an appreciative and understanding partner recognizing the significant change this was for contractors. El Paso Deputy Mayor Acosta who represents District 3 where the training was held visited and met with contractors saying “This is a great example of industry and government working together to solve a problem”.

An Installer Certification training will be held in El Paso on October 18th, followed by a Specialist Certification on October 19th when many of the original El Paso Class will renew their Installer Certification credential and add the “Specialist” logo to their company profile. See the Tile Roofing Training Page for registration information.

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