As the industry changes, so must we.

Meet Daniel Sorensen, a seasoned professional with 9 years of experience in the roofing

industry. Based in Arizona, Daniel leads Custom Home Sales and is a Certified Airmen

Drone Pilot for Diversified Roofing. He has a comprehensive understanding of all major

residential roofing systems, including concrete and clay two-piece tile, shingles, foam,

metal, walk decks, and rolled roofing. His expertise lies in providing custom home

roofing solutions that prioritize value and longevity, ensuring the best protection for a


With a commitment to excellence, Daniel holds several certifications, including Tile

Roofing Institute Certified and Master Shingle Applicator Certified. He has also

completed specialized training in walk deck systems, metal, and foam roofing.

Each year, Daniel dedicates his skills to deliver high-quality roofing solutions for

approximately 100 custom homes in the valley. His genuine enjoyment comes from

providing customers with top-notch roofing services that protect their valuable assets

and leave them with a wow experience once the project is complete.


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