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Licensing in Texas?

March 15, 2016

Tile Roofing Project by Ramon Roofing

RCAT Provides Training and Voluntary Licensing 

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. The homes are big, and roofing them is a challenge. Roof pitches are steep; spires and dramatic architectural details are common. And then there is the weather: heat like Phoenix, rain like Florida, high wind, occasional tornadoes, and hail the size of softballs. Good thing roofing contractors don’t need to be licensed in Texas.  Wait, what?

The state of Texas does not require licensing of roofing contractors. Seeing a need, the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) is stepping up to provide contractors a way to show consumers their commitment to their trade. RCAT has developed a Voluntary Licensing Program which includes training, testing and a renewal process.

Paul Ramon, Ramon Roofing

Paul Ramon, Ramon Roofing

Licensing has been on the radar for Ramon Roofing President Paul Ramon for several years. When he was President of RCAT, the organization lobbied the state legislature to institute licensing for roofing contractors, but it fell through at the last minute. Established contractors believe some sort of licensing and monitoring is necessary, in part due to the extreme weather that can hit the state. When a storm strikes, storm chasing roofers descend on the area. In the urgency of the moment it can be difficult for a homeowner to tell the difference between an established company that will stand behind their work, and a guy in a pickup who will move on when the bulk of work is done, or worse, after a down payment is taken.

Ramon Roofing specializes in clay, concrete and slate roofing for discerning customers. It is frustrating for Paul to see great products installed poorly: “I see horrible installs weekly. There is such a need to properly train contractors to install tile roofs in the state of Texas.”

RCATSo along with managing his growing business he is committed to developing the RCAT training program and the voluntary licensing. The TRI Manual Certification classes being held in April are the foundation of tile installation training. Paul says “Voluntary licensing is a step in the right direction” but he envisions that RCAT and TRI can work together to better equip installers for the challenges of the Texas market.


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