As the industry changes, so must we.

Has COVID has been good to us?

December 10, 2021

Hampered with price increases, material and labor shortages, the construction industry fared better than many during the pandemic. Demand has been strong and ever resilient contractors and roofers met the challenge.

Many have suffered from the economic, physical and mental health consequences of this pandemic. No one would wish for the last 2 years to repeat, but the challenges motivated changes that make the TRIA Training Program more efficient, allowing for expanded offerings and stronger support for contractors, manufacturer reps and homeowners with installation questions. As we head into 2022 we will return to the classroom, and we will continue using technology for online training and other lessons learned during the pandemic.

We may get tired of zoom calls and webinars, but they provide a savings of time and resources, while delivering the same quality program. Training conducted online means attendees don’t have to throw themselves into rush hour traffic, converge on a central location, and be away from all other responsibilities for an entire day. If attending means travel to another city, an overnight, a long drive or short flight, training online takes away that burden. Attendees can stay at the office or home. We reduced the specific time commitment to 4 hours, allowing testing to be completed online in the 24 hours following the class. Some teams meet at their office and participate together.

“SHORTS” and “Smalls”
We continue to expand our offerings and introduce experts in their field to our members and followers with 45 minute, single issue presentations. Snow Retention, Social Media, Foam Adhesive, and Structural Solutions are a few of the subjects experts have covered. If you’re unable to attend the live presentation, all are available on the TRIA Youtube Channel to watch at your convenience.

Smalls? Without travel or venue issues, we’re able to provide private, personalized online training for member companies. When you join TRIA as a member you get one free training and a boost in the “Contractor Search” above non-members. With 6 total registered from one company for a Manual Certification, we can provide a private, personalized online training. We’ll cover all the necessary details and can focus more on the climate challenges and typical work done by your company. Your people can be together in the same room. In addition, the first hour is great general information for anyone in the industry, so it’s a great time to have front office staff and those not “on the roof” sit in for a better understanding of the daily tasks with tile roof installation.

Ask the Expert
When a homeowner has a question about the job you are doing, you want to answer them with confidence. If facing a detail or challenge new to you, you want to prescribe a proper solution, with confidence. There’s nothing better than talking to someone who has dealt with a similar issue before and found satisfactory solutions. Our goal is to help you get accurate information that will help as quickly as possible. Connections among industry professionals are stronger than ever.


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