As the industry changes, so must we.

Eastmark is a 3,200 acre master-planned community East of Phoenix, AZ. With 15,000 homes planned, 2,500 are either complete, being built or in the permit process. America Roofing, (Phoenix/Tucson) is putting tile on all of them. It’s an impressive site: semi loads of tile warehoused on dead end streets, waiting their turn to be hoisted to the roof; hundreds of homes are in various stages of completion, spreading out from a newly inhabited community of homes less than a year old.

The personnel and logistical challenges of this massive assembly line require an organized approach. Ray Byrne brought those skills with him when he started America Roofing LLC in 1999. After a stint in the Marine Corps and some time as a Deputy with the Sheriff’s office, Ray applied the same hard work and organizational knowledge to his new roofing business.

Control Room at America Roofing Phoenix Headquarters

The process starts in the Control Room at the America Roofing office in Phoenix, AZ. The assembly line in Eastmark is managed by controllers who direct the progress on every house and keep track of each crew, pallet and roll of material that goes to the job site.

The management team is as impressive as the army of installers. Ray has built a quality team of people with experience in the roofing industry. Guys like General Superintendent Tony Campbell who manages internal training and Jason Kill who is responsible for the re-roof side of the business.

Son Jake Byrne joined the company in 2006 and became part owner in 2013. He currently serves as Vice President. Jake’s brother Josh joined America Roofing in 2013.

Jake says “Ray’s knowledge of the multifamily industry was instrumental in building America Roofing.  He has been a great mentor and father.”

What attracts all of these quality people to America Roofing?  Jake says “We love our business and always try to do the best job possible.” And it seems the chance to do that is appreciated.  “I am thankful for the opportunity he gave me to be part of this growing business and industry.”

General Superintendent Tony Campbell with America Roofing President Ray Byrne.

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