As the industry changes, so must we.

The Lincoln City Police Department is a new 3 story building in a high wind zone 1/4 mile from the Oregon Oceanfront. Boral Concrete Saxony Slate Tiles are installed as both wall cladding and roofing on a 3:12 slope roof with 140-foot-long valleys. The specifications called for “Complete Bidder Designed Concrete Roof and Wall Systems”. This presentation will walk through the installation techniques, changes to the architectural details, layout for the siding installation with matching mitered corners, flashing at windows, doors, and signage, integration of the wall tiles to the roof tiles and designing a (hopefully) bullet proof installation on a low sloped roof. Attendees will learn how to attach concrete tile as wall cladding, how flashings are used on sidewalls and design considerations on a low slope high wind tile roof.

About Dan Cornwell
Dan Cornwell is the President and Co-founder of CC&L Roofing Co “The Tile Roof Specialists,” established in 1978 , and the principal of Cornwell Consulting Group LLC founded in 2007. He has consulted on over 900 Construction Defect Litigation matters. Dan is a former president and a current director of WSRCA, a charter member, codes chairman, and program director of the Associated Roofing Contractors for Oregon and SW Washington, a former president, charter member, and current director of the National Slate Association and the current president and charter member of the Portland Oregon Chapter of IIBEC the “International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants”. As a member of the Tile Roofing Institute’s Technical Committee since 1997, Dan aided in the writing of their Cold Weather Manual and the Moderate Climate Manuals receiving honorable mention for his contribution in the foreword of the first edition. Dan is also a co-author and committee co-chair of the 2010 282 page “Slate Roofs Design and Installation Manual” published by the National Slate Association.

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