Class Preparation

You’ve signed up for a TRI Alliance Manual Certification class, now it’s time to make sure you are prepared. If you have any questions, contact Lisa Jensen at or 208-599-6927


The following materials should be reviewed before the class begins. 10 points on the test will be related to this pre-work.

I. Introduction to Tile Roofing Industry Alliance

Watch a 5 minute Intro to TRI Alliance video:

II. Material Checklist and Roof Tile Classification Profiles

Watch the 20 minute video “This is a Tile” at: 

III. Above Sheathing Ventilation

Read the Benefits of Above Sheathing Ventilation article at

IV. Roof Layout

1. Read the article on Swing Tape & Layout Methods at 

2. Watch the video on Roof Layout: 

V. Recommendations of Flashings at Tile Penetrations

Download and review this technical bulletin: 

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