Class Preparation

You’ve signed up for a TRI Alliance Manual Certification class, now it’s time to make sure you are prepared. If you have any questions, contact Lisa Jensen at or 425.269.3201


The following materials should be reviewed before the class begins. 10 points on the test will be related to this pre-work.

I. Introduction to Tile Roofing Industry Alliance

Directions – Watch a 5 minute Intro to TRI Alliance video:

Review Questions (for self study)

1. Are producers of synthetic tiles part of the TRI Alliance?

2. Does the TRI Concrete and Clay Installation Manual provide best practices for tile roofing or minimum code requirements?

II. Material Checklist and Roof Tile Classification Profiles

Directions –  Watch the video on Roof Tile Profiles:

III. Above Sheathing Ventilation

Tools: Installation Manual, highlighter, Benefits of Above Sheathing Ventilation article (link below).

Directions –  Read the Benefits of Above Sheathing Ventilation article at

Review Questions

1. What benefits would Above Sheathing Ventilation provide in the climate you work in most of the time? (Reduced energy cost, reduced ice damming, more consistent underlayment temperature, reduced condensation in a cool humid zone?)

IV. Roof Layout

Tools: Installation Manual, highlighter, Article: “Swing Tape & Layout Methods Make Tile Layout Easy” (link below), 9 minute Video (link below)


1. Read the article on Swing Tape & Layout Methods at 

2. Watch the video on Roof Layout: 

Review Questions

1. What method do you use for layout of your horizontal rows?

2. Can you layout tile with less than the manufacturer minimum standard of 3”?

V. Recommendations of Flashings at Tile Penetrations

Download and review this technical bulletin: 

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