Top 10 Reasons to be Manual Certified with TRI

  • Learn how to meet or exceed industry guidelines.
  • What you learn will help you reduce or eliminate costly call backs.
  • TRI promotes certified tile roofing installers in its literature, Web site and videos.
  • Many TRI manufacturer members promote using a certified installer to the general public.
  • Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and demanding. They expect trades people, including tile roofing installers, to have trade certification.
  • Design professionals specify installation by TRI Certified tile roofing installers.
  • Professional instructors will show you how to increase your bottom line through greater efficiency.
  • TRI developed guidelines to help installers rate their company’s performance in all areas such as workmanship, efficiency, best practices and code compliance.
  • Adherence to TRI guidelines means you have the weight of industry-based recommendations on your side in the event of a dispute.
  • Demonstrate to your customers that you are installing tile roofing systems consistent with industry guidelines to support your pricing and explain the value of proposed upgrades.