As the industry changes, so must we.

A recent Ask the Expert question illustrates how the TRI Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual can be a resource for contractors in the field. The response was provided by TRI National Training Manager, John Jensen.


When repairing older tile roofs, sometimes there is mortar around the pipes. Can we repair the mortar or are we required to install a metal secondary flashing?



Page 18 of the Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Guide has a drawing of the requirements for pipe penetrations:

Although it was common for roofers to pack mortar around the pipe, mortar is not a flashing. We are required to have two flashings at each pipe penetration; one integrated into the underlayment, and one installed with the tile. The drawings on Page 18 are very clear and Footnote #2 (below the drawings) states, “All penetrations require a deck flashing and a tile flashing.” 

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