As the industry changes, so must we.

A recent “Ask the Expert” response by TRI President and Technical Director Rick Olson addressing concerns about tile loaded, but not installed.


“We have a buyer concerned about the time which the tile roof is loaded but not yet distributed. Is there a guideline? We don’t install the tile until the stucco and fascia paint is done…”



From the tile standpoint there is no time table for when they are installed. The real issue is the length of time that the underlayment might be exposed to the UV. We always recommend that you check the underlayment instructions to see how long the material can be exposed prior to covering. In areas like Arizona, some of the lower end materials and some of the synthetics have a very short exposure time. In other areas, they may last longer. With so many different types in the market, we are not able to make a blanket statement on exposure times.

Tile Roof Loaded - New Construction

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