Ask the Expert – Tile Penetration Flashings

A recent Ask the Expert question illustrates how the TRI Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual can be a resource for contractors in the field. The response was provided by TRI National Training Manager, John Jensen.

Question – When repairing older tile roofs, sometimes there is mortar around the pipes. Can we repair the mortar or are we required to install a metal secondary flashing?

Response – Page 18 of the Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Guide has a drawing of the requirements for pipe penetrations:

Although it was common for roofers to pack mortar around the pipe, mortar is not a flashing. We are required to have two flashings at each pipe penetration; one integrated into the underlayment, and one installed with the tile. The drawings on Page 18 are very clear and Footnote #2 (below the drawings) states, “All penetrations require a deck flashing and a tile flashing.” 

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