Tile: The Original Green Building Solution

Entegra Cool RoofMaybe the craftsmen of old had it right after all. Choose a naturally available, durable roofing material that was expected to not only outlast them, but the next generation of builders as well. And the next. Decades and even centuries before anyone uttered the words “green construction,” craftsmen were unknowingly building natural and sustainable roofs from concrete and clay that in many cases outlasted the structures they were built to protect.

Today, the challenges facing roofing designers, architects, builders and others have never been more clear: there is – and will be – a pressing need to develop products and systems that are not only environmentally ‘friendly,’ but prove themselves to be sustainable in every sense of the word. Long lasting, durable systems with little or no other powerful “green” components simply won‘t cut it.

Concrete and clay tile manufacturers have long enjoyed a distinct advantage over other systems producers: its products are natural by origin, and one need look no further than those centuries-old installations still enduring today for proof of sustained life.

Columbia Cool RoofTile roofing systems come from raw materials that do not deplete limited natural resources – including petroleum products – and further, contain no chemical or other preservatives. Waste from concrete and clay tile production can be immediately recycled back into the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating unnecessary landfill clutter.

“The solution of every problem is contained within itself. Its plan, form and character are determined by the nature of the site, the nature of the materials used, the nature of the system using them, the nature of the life concerned and the purpose of the building itself.” – Frank Lloyd Wright