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Update by TRI Alliance Technical Committee

Heat Transfer Study: Tile Roofing vs Other Materials

Our plans to quantify the value of tile roofing versus other, temporary roof coverings includes a comprehensive heat transfer study. This initiative will start in the summer with the construction of the first of a total twenty roof decks that will be constructed across the country in each of the climate zones. These roof decks will be covered with tile, and temporary asphalt shingles. Each deck will have a temperature sensor that will measure the attic temperatures under both products 24 hours a day.

The study aims to assign a value to the heat transferring capabilities of tile roofing over lesser products. In addition to reducing heat transfer in the warmer months, we aim to demonstrate the cooling impact of tile roofing in the fall and winter months. Once the roof decks are completed, a live dashboard will be released on the TRIA website.


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