About TRI

Founded in 1971 (Incorporated in the state of California, non-profit 501C6), TRI – originally named the National Tile Roofing Manufacturers Association (NTRMA) – has produced technical manuals on code language and preferred installation practices within all the major code bodies nationwide. TRI has played a major role in testing tile under severe weather and seismic conditions, as well as developing legislation of building codes. A few instances where TRI’s presence has proven to be invaluable include:

TRI developed the first industry-based series installation guides for all climatic regions.

  • TRI assisted the Committee for Firesafe Dwellings in the creation of legislation to ban combustible roofing materials in California.
  • TRI guided the tile roofing industry’s successful efforts to revise code for high-speed winds, and worked with local building officials to upgrade installation standards following Hurricane Andrew.
  • TRI along with the University of Southern California (USC) determined that tile roofs–when installed under current building codes–withstand forces two-to-three times those generated by the Northridge Earthquake.
  • TRI worked with the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) to develop standardized testing methods for roof tile.

Today, TRI trains roofing installers, inspectors and industry professionals on proper, code approved methods to installing concrete and clay tile roofs. TRI is dedicated to growing the tile roofing market through technical expertise, training, and building awareness for the many benefits of tile.